Networking noob needs support

hey people networking isn’t really my thing just here for a secure system u know
but in order to not use this new laptop of mine as a expensive crypto wallet and… i need to give my vm’s internet access
i’ve got absolute linux right now and i intend on upgrading my ram and installing windows but that’s later on
so far i managed with everything but i have no idea what to do to configure networking

really not my field
whonix will also be great but at first i’d like to make sure i have a general internet connection

any help with what it is i need to do?
because this StandaloneVMs and HVMs | Qubes OS
is fairly vague… (i guess alright for the average qubes user this is an advanced system
and while i found the documentation to be very clear and comprehensive in general for everything i needed so far when it comes to something i’m so ignorant about as networking… well any support will be appreciated)

If you are running a standalone linux VM, Qubes OS will allocate it a fixed IP address. You can find this address by selecting Qubes Settings from the menu for your VM. On the settings screen there will be a networking section which gives the IP Address, Netmask, Gateway and DNS server addresses. You then need to setup a static IP address in your VM using that information - how you do this in Absolute Linux I do now know. The Absolute Linux forum would be the place to ask.

However, you may find life a lot easier if you use VM’s based on the templates supplied with Qubes OS (fedora or debian) as networking works “out of the box” on them.

yeah ok i can understand that but a static ip ok

i was thinking ips should be assigned dynamiclly i guess and that static ips and such protocls like ipv6 and alike were for internal networking… -and i guess sure the system handles that

thanks i’ll take a look

yes ok you see… just like in this picture Solved: Setting Static IP Address in Mint 18.3 .. - Linux Mint Forums
i’ve set everything the same way the dns the gateway the netmask
(i mean with the information from the qube’s setting) and nothing

it says no connection
i took a look into xen networking and… but so far doesn’t seem related to my simple issue

Does Qubes OS have a network connection? You should see an icon in the tool bar at the top of the screen like this (if you are connecting via wifi, it will look different if you are using a wired connection):


If it looks like this: image, then Qubes doesn’t have network connection and you need to fix that issue first.


yeah man i’m writing here from my qubes laptop

OK. That’s good.

I created an Absolute Linux VM and it looks like Absolute Linux does not come with a driver for the network adapter in the VM (it appears as a Realtek RTL-8100/8101L/8139).

I’m not familiar with Absolute Linux or Slackware, so your best bet might be to ask on the Absolute Linux (or Slackware) forums how to get either the Xen networking PV drivers or the Realtek RTL-8100/8101L/8139 ethernet drivers.

This link might be of some interest.

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thanks man i’ll look into that… i didn’t think about checking if the driver exists i just assumed it will…

but i won’t be trying that just yet i ordered 32 gigs of memory to upgrade my laptop and it nearly shipped already after that i’ll install windows which was the plan from the start linux was just to get used to qubes and all…
if drivers are the issue and i configured everything right then well we’ll see

thanks for the support