Networking and NetVM

When I am creating a new Qube, it shows sys-firewall (default) as ‘Networking’. But then when it is created, the NetVM is sys-whonix. I thought Networking and NetVM is the same. What’s the difference?

did you searched the forum?

When you create qube from GUI, and press “OK” behind the scene a whole set of separate commands are issued.

For example

So, before

$ qvm-prefs disp-sys-net netvm “”

in this case is performed, you will see qubes defaults set in Global Settings, and for a netVM qube default is sys-firewall. The command above changes this to none, or in your case sys-whonix when you choose it before pressing “OK”), and that is why you later see netVM which is set by you.

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Thanks! So it’s basically because my global settings tell it to set sys-whonix?