Network Printer install question

Hi all,

I am following the Qubes Documentation how-to guide and followed a couple of other how tos on the net about network printer install. I keep running into the same problem that I cant figure out

I created a dedicated debian TemplateVM for this printer install. I start the system-config-printer dialogue, and I come across a popup window to join a user workgroup. Asks for a password. I try different combinations of the passwords/user/usernames that I created during Qubes install nothing works.

I also tried going through the browser cups interface http://localhost:631, same issue, asks for user/password when I try to add a network printer

Then I tried the install in a dedicated debian Qube AppVM, same issue.

This is for a HP officejet 7740
Any assistance around this would be greatly appreciated


Perhaps a stupid question, but could this be a printer-specific password from its documentation?

It sounds like username/password for cupsd - I’ve not tested network printing, but I think /etc/cups/cupsd.conf requires something like:

AuthType Default
Require user @SYSTEM
Order deny,allow

before allowing changes to settings.