Network Infection?

If a Qube gets infected with malware, can it traverse the network and infect other computers?

I currently have a problem where my dad’s Debian computer get’s infected by malware every 2 months or so, and then a few days later mine get’s infected too. Both ran Debian and Eset Antivirus was installed on both and got disabled (which is how i know the computers are infected).

Each Qube is effectively just another computer. So unless there is
something configured/installed in sys-firewall or sys-net to block the
traffic or the VM has no network access, it would be perfectly able to
access the rest of the network.

Where Qubes changes this is in how you use it. If you open all untrusted
content in VMs without internet access, you would restrict any
non-Qubes-aware malware to just that VM. This is where qvm-open-in-dvm
comes in.

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Let me just say I agree with Jarah on most levels. There is “legend” on hardware forums that some Intel have 3G or similar comms after 2012. That is a lot LATER than when I had spectrum analyzers and other equipment… Just because they can’t break into your machine does not mean your door is safe.

You can get an optical isolated ethernet card or plug and ground and shield well your machine for under 100. There are T s also but almost impossible to get. If you want to go cheap try an ethernet switch between the 2 machines. Call the ghost busters too they might help… lol!