Need to update TB in whonix-ws VM each time

The following is in regard to VMs that came from the default Qubes image, I did not make them. I’ve made no modifications to these VMs

Each time i use tor browser in the disposable whonix-ws VM, I’m forced to update the tor browser manually.

To update it, I went to the template for the VM (disp-whonix-ws-16-dvm), but each time i try to start said VM, I get an error saying “Do not run tor browser downloader in Qubes Disposable Template!”. Furthermore, it would seem that this template has no net qube.

How am I supposed to update my Tor browser for the disposable whonix VM?

You should update TB in the regular Whonix template, not the disposable one

EDIT: just to add that as per official documentation Qubes Disposables changes applied to the regular template are reflected on the disposable one

From the root terminal in the whonix-ws-16 template run the following command:


You can also add the --onion flag after the command to use the hidden servers, but it’s more likely to time out. If it does timeout, then just run it again (and again). User feedback will be requested during the process: first to verify the upgrade version and then again to verify the signature of the upgrade after it has downloaded.

To run the root terminal from dom0 enter the following:

qvm-run -u root whonix-ws-16 xterm