Need sponsor to help me writing Qubes OS Handbook

Hello everyone,

In the past few months I haven’t been very active on the forums because I do direct support to people here, you may also see some edited posts as bounties on troubleshoots, and yes I claim those bounties.

The book will have content about what is qubes os, how to create a custom iso, custom installation, drive and vm configuration, and etc.

If you need more details you can contact me via :

E-mail :
Telegram : @s1lieal

If you want to support you can send to :

BTC : 1Cm4ia7oZwQwRYXxcBEbVvzwMBCSQcUS3P
XMR : 8B4f9iSeLyaHhTbq8TLudbPTNnyWHJ4HoHPtdSUhfhUK1yQihnnWMNVCcw1UnBmkvPNeMRR7KU6EriMbGg6K3ZjvR24jvLs

(Please pm TXID if you support via XMR)

Every support will be displayed in the list of supporter name. The book will cost $25 Hardcover exclude shipping.

In the end of project I will share 10% of total funded to Qubes OS and Riseup.

Thanks for your attention.