Need latest kernel for installing Qubes

Hi, is there a latest kernel .iso for the stable Qubes 4.1.0?

I need the latest kernel stable build to install Qubes on my Alienware. Like these ones work: Index of /qubes/iso/

But theyre not the stable 4.1.0 build.

My specs are:

  • 4k Monitor
  • Intel i7 11800H Processor
  • NVIDIA RTX 3070
  • Intel UHD Graphics

Thank you! =)

I think no, but current-testing would be fine, and are you sure that even with the current testing your pc could run it ? fyi I’ve been using kernel-latest since 4.1 alpha, doesn’t have any major issue with it.

Ive updated my post for the specs of my laptop.

I get a pink screen after I choose install Qubes. 4.1.0.

Theres a warning that says to not use the dev build. So I was wondering if there was a kernel-latest version of 4.1.0 instead.

Thanks for your reply. ^^