Nautilus 'loading' hangs after upgrading Fedora to 37

I updated the Fedora Template to version 37 and now Nautilus stopped working. When I open it in any of the Qubes the CPU goes high and it remains stuck on the ‘loading…’ without ever loading the files and folders. I have looked online but could not find a solution. What can cause this issue?

It’s a known issue, see #7921.


i have installed fedora 37 minimal just few days ago, installed nautilus, and until now nautilus just fine.

Bug seems fixed. But I still suffer from this issue. How long will it take before the fix will be released?

I see here it was uploaded for stable repository. So now we have to wait till the stable repository is released?

The package is available in the fedora-37 stable repository (see ) and installed in my fedora-37 template. However I didn’t see that issue with my previous nautilus, so I can’t confirm it’s solved.

Get the new package : you could wait the template update notification or use the Qubes Update GUI tool to request the template update or wait a new fedora-37 template release.

Can confirm this appears to have resolved the issue.

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Still seems to be an issue, or it has reoccurred. Nautilus is 43.3.something. This is worse than KDE4. Every appvm based on this template is unusable.