Naming convention for DisposableVMs

Suppose I want to differentiate between disposable SecBrowser windows and Tor Browser windows.
I picture something like [secbrowser4864] and [torbrowser1954].
Is this possible?

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You can create static DisposableVMs. This means that the DisposableVM will have a specific name that you assign, just like a regular VM. It will not have any random numbers at the end. As far as I know, there is no native way to generate DisposableVMs with a custom name in place of “disp” followed by random numbers that change every time a new DisposableVM is started.

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I have the same need. My solution so far is to customize the toolbar in secbrowser to not have “New Identity” button … as it makes no sense in secbrowser anyway.



Creating multiple static DispVMs via qvm-create (disp-secbrowser1, 2, 3 etc.) is an option. This makes it easier to differentiate between them when using e.g. qvm-ls or Qubes Domains (taskbar overview).

Changing VM labels is also a solution, since in my case they will use different NetVMs.

Same here. Posted a similar topic some time back about including more info in the window title…

@adw: Please note these 2 features the dispnnnn’s have that named disposables don’t:

  • any number can be easily started (I’m in the 10+ qube group… :slight_smile: )
  • they’re automatically destroyed

My (partial) workaround is to place them on different workspaces…

I give a theme to secbrowser so I clearly distinguish them. I use firefox color.

For future readers of this thread, SecBrowser has been deprecated.

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