My feature request got deleted by - repeating it here for completeness (qvm-volume pin)


a week ago, I posted following issue on GitHub:

“Feature request (qvm-volume): Pin volume revisions”

, formulated in polite manner. It even got likes. But GitHub has decided to delete the account including posts after some days, despite the fact it already has been clear, I am not a bot or other treat.

Main reason (I guess) is, that a mail alias service has been used for registration. Or something else Microsoft does not like about privacy-aware people.

This case makes me question in general, if GitHub is the right place for Qubes OS. But being aware, there is only a small team, that’s probably the price we all need to take for a maintaince-free issue tracker (?).

Anyway, the feature request is attached down under again for discussion, as I still think, this would be an awesome addition to qvm-volume.

Kind regards

Feature request (qvm-volume): Pin volume revisions


In my optinion qvm-volume is a totally underrated tool for quick qube backup and restore - it’s fantastic! Unfortunately it is very easy to accidently overwrite volume revisions that you want to keep as stable backup.

And here’s my request: Extend qvm-volume to pro pin certain revisions, so they don’t get overwritten, when starting the qube multiple times.

Command 'pin':
  usage: qvm-volume pin [--verbose] [--quiet] [--help] VM:VOLUME [REVISION]

How much effort would be required to implement this feature on top of status quo? Is somehow already possible?

Thank you very much.


Sorry to hear that GitHub deleted your (very good) ticket. They’ve been doing that a lot. :frowning:

Though GitHub support always sorted out the situation perfectly whenever my own account got trapped in some overzealous filter. IME they’re not intentionally hostile to anonymity, and so far it’s never been a waste of time to drop them a quick message (as long as it doesn’t concern third-party accounts, in which case apparently it’s hopeless).

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