My clicks are not working anymore [browser only]

I’m using Qubes 4.0 with Fedora 33
There are times when I’m not able to right click anymore, I’m not able to open another tab [if in browser, this happened only in browser] …
This is happening very often

Browser used: Default that came with template: Firefox

This sometimes happens to me. I’ve discovered the reson often is because I’ve clicked to open the browser in full screen (F11) or clicked a youtube video and it went on full screen mode.

Because by default Qubes prevents a qube from going into fullscreen for security reasons, the qube itself thinks it’s in full screen when in reality it’s not.

The solution for me was to click F11 again to leave the fake fullscreen mode.

Let me know if this helped.

I think that’s the problem but the solution is not good, unfortunately.

For example, if I’m trying to switch between tabs it is nightmare as it will be very slow or it will not work until I’m pressing multiple times F11

Any new findings regarding this problem?
Unfortunately F11 it is not an option as the problem will not dissapear so I’ll not be able to use the browser anymore. The oly solution will be to actually close the browser and open it again [but that’s not an option]

In such cases hitting alt+tab twice usually helps me.

Strange … this didn’t happend in last time.

If forcing it [like pressing F11 button to have that problem again] … pressing F11 or alt+tab is not working.
But fortunately, I didn’t have that problem in last times.