Multiple Network Connections Over Multiple Network Cards on Qubes OS?

Ok, I had some interesting incidents with qubes netvm.
First of all, the internal wifi card sometimes stops getting autodetected and attached to sysnet1(used for internal-wifi only) and appears under the USB Devices list instead. So this time when this happened, I just tried to attach the external usb wireless card to sysnet1, and it worked. With the network controller assigned to sysnet1, just attaching the usb-wifi-card fired up the wifi connection.
Now my guess is that I need duplicates of the network controller or separate network controllers that can be assigned to the various sysnets so that the usb wifi network cards can be attached to each of these.
Any help here please?

That’s good, but it’s only half of the question

Stop torturing me. I will never prepare for an exam on QOS. I just need it to work.

Which of these can work to pick the external USB wifi network cards?
04 Ethernet Controller and 05 Network controller are the default for internal ethernet and wifi cards.
I am guessing it must be the PCIe/host bridges, but don’t want to botch up anything.