MSI Pro Z690-A WiFi DDR4 with Alder Lake 12900K

You can disable Intel Management Engine by manually setting the bit a 0x1DE, which should be possible using flashrom with the internal programmer.

Keep in mind, doing this incorrectly can brick the board unless you have an external programmer. I have been able to flash the chip with the ch341a_spi, but it requires a special wson probe to interface with the chip.

I have done it on my system, and it removes mei from lsmod and device reference in /sys/class/mei. It’s been running for some hours now, so I believe it’s stable. The onboard wifi seems to need mei to work, and disabling mei makes the onboard wifi stop working.

I have only tested it with Dasharo, and it might not work with the stock MSI firmware. I’ve seen one person say it makes the stock firmware boot loop, which could be some protection in the msi firmware that detects the modification.

For more info.

Found one major issue with disabling mei, suspending the system no longer works and cash the system to the point it’s unable to boot normally.

The only way to boot the system after suspend is shorting the JBAT1 jumper to reset the CMOS.

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