Mouse/Touch Pad Pointer size

In other versions of Linux, I have had problems with the delay in the use of the Pointer, if I have increased the size of pointer.

I suspect the issue is that it must make changes through the Video Card for the entire screen, which takes it a few seconds.

I would guess that would not be a problem if the Mouse Pointer was actually initially set to be larger, and also things like Tails, different pointer images, and so on. Perhaps more opaque would be a good starting Mouse Pointer.

I don’t have a good way to test this on many pieces of hardware, so I can not gauge if the delay is an issue for others. For someone unfamiliar with Qubes utilizing the basic Pointer, if they later used a larger pointer, they might be aware of the delay. Most newcomers would not.

The initial size of the mouse Pointer is incredible small for some screens.

With some other OS’s, I have had problems with Zoom being a default, perhaps in a Browser. Also annoying.

This is meant to be a suggestion for the next version of Qubes.