Mouse and keyboard do not work during installation


I have created the USB with RUFUS and I boot from the USB correctly but when I get to the select language screen the keyboard and mouse do not work.
Keyboard and mouse work via the same USB (logitech).
Any ideas?

My computer:

  • I7 3770S
  • 8Gb DDR3 (2*4Gb)
  • Motherboard As-Rock B75M-ITX Bios P1.30


The only time when my keyboard and mouse don’t work is when I intentionaly attack one of my machines with BIOS malware that screws up checksums. Did you try to boot some other distributions? You can write the ISO with balena etcher which is simple to use too.
These are guesses but I would ask AS-Rock for their latest BIOS which might include SSD incription (motherboard manufacturers don’t give their best easy). Don’t be shy! Be pushy and demanding!

Hi @edm,

  1. Is it possible for you to test with another basic USB keyboard? (Or better with PS/2 devices).
  2. What do you mean with same USB, could you give more details, please?
  3. What are the Logitech keyboard and mouse models?
  4. Is it possible that it’s a USB key/stick/pendrive issue (too small USB key, ISO copy problem, …)?

I upgrade the bios to P1.9.