Mounting other storage devices

I’m totally new to Qubes os and i know bits about linux. My laptop has two ssds , one is windows and other is qubes. so, i wanna mount one of the windows partition to qubes. I’ve tried mounting them from the top bar to personal vm… but couldn’t find the way to access the partition. please help.
thank you

What I usually do is go to the qui-devices item in the menu bar (the icon looks a little bit like two computers…just hover over the items til you find the one whose balloon says “qui-devices”). That will allow you to assign partitions that are not mounted in qubes to a vm. (It should be listed at the top under “Data (Block) Devices”) I too have a “extra” partition (but not with Windows on it) and it shows up as dom0:sda3 and gives me the brand name. Right mousing will show you a list of running VMs. Pick one. You’ll note that dom0 is not listed, and that’s because you really do not want to mount such things to dom0.

Now on the VM you picked, the partition will be named /dev/xvdi and may have sub-devices (/dev/xvdi1, etc.). You’re going to have to mount that in the VM so create a folder (e.g., /home/user/windows) and do a sudo mount of /dev/xvdi to your folder. Hopefully you’re comfortable with the command line, so open an Xterm or console of your choice on that VM and issue the command. The exact mount options are going to differ somewhat depending on the filesystem of the partition.

But the key qubes difference is that you have to assign the device to the VM. The rest is “just Linux.”

Since you are new to Qubes I’ll state what might be obvious: do this in an appvm or a disposable NOT in a template.