Mosh (mobile shell)

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basically dom0 use fedora 32, and mosh is available in fedora 32 right?

fyi watching him is worth to learn.

Yes! is not a new tool.

Been using since beta.

For some reason 1337 Haxors like to keep it a secret.


Note: I removed the special characters from the title.


So smart!! So because you install an ssh client in dom0, then you immediately get internet access there. I think you missed a step or two.

Also, if you find an escape from any qube to dom0 and you have some sense of ethics, is the only sensible place to post it.


@xn0px90, your persistent claims are tiresome and at this point really just spam / vandalism. It’s time for you to put up or shut up.

If you can actually compromise a stock Qubes OS dom0 that hasn’t been modified by the user, then by all means demonstrate in a reproducible / verifiable way and receive praise. Or limit yourself to actually helping people and stop wasting our time.

Barking dogs seldom bite.


why should we want get internet access on dom0? and why install mosh on dom0? one of the first rules of qubes is to dont give dom0 internet access and never install packages in dom0.

also i didnt get this sentence.
it isnt already in dom0.
yes its in the dom0 package manager but also just because sudo qubes-dom0-update {package} means something like sudo dnf install {package}
if its about to compromise qubes, why should we do that?
guess most people here are more interested in team blue instead of team red.
dont want to blame anyone here, just this post doesnt make any sense.

This is my style after compromising Xen.
Yuu I bean also download for any project great tool. Your not suppose to install anything but you can. Keep an eye out.

Out of curiosity, are you saying you were able to compromise Xen?