Minimal templates and usefull features like convert to trusted pdf

I just started with a few minimal templates creating my own scripts (per @Sven tutorial blog) and found that my VMs based on debian-11 minimal templates are missing some existing useful features that are missing in minimal. One of them is convert to trusted pdf option when you right click on the pdf file. I’m installing the packages in the template that I need to use in the VM, but don’t know what should I install or how to enable this feature.

BTW, could more knowledgeable users suggest some useful packages that they may using in minimal templates or point where to find this info, that maybe is not always specific to Qubes-os, but could help those of us that just starting with minimal templates? For example, I installed mirage (for images) and vlc (for videos) in the VM template that will need to open/play those type of files.


Looks like I missed this, in the documentation Minimal templates | Qubes OS there are mentioned the needed packages:
qubes-pdf-converter: For implementing safe conversion of PDFs.
qubes-img-converter: For implementing safe conversion of images.


Yes, that’s as it should be, since the minimal templates are minimal. Not everyone finds the same things “useful.”

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And not everyone will find the same things useful in the same qubes.

I didn’t install those two things in my minimal template, because I think they’re totally unnecessary in things like sys-net and sys-usb. But I did install them into my “apps base” template, the one that serves as the basis for thunderbird, libreoffice, gimp, etc, because they will be very useful at that level. (Apps base, in turn is based on my minimal template.)