Mini-templates Required Packages (Wiki)

please add to KeePassXC (with Yubikey) you will need the: xserver-xorg-input-libinput package if using yubikey static password.

BTW, I didn’t need to install any packages you have mentioned (policyket-1 and libblockdev-crypto2), for using yubikey challenge response, but needed the xserver-xorg-input-libinput package for static password.

Hope this will help somebody that using yubikey static password

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Thanks for the feedback! I will update the notes (I cannot check / verify the static password packages on my side)

Interesting, I recreated the templateVM and tested the KeePassXC appVM with Challenger Response. My tests confirm the need of policykit-1 but no need for libblockdev-crypto2. Could you please double check on your installation?

Btw, do you have split-ssh with KeePassXC? If yes, I would appreciate some support to get this issue SSH client with KeePassXC based on a minimal Debian template fixed.