Mini pc to run qubes on

Hello all,

first post. I have been doing my research about Qubes and i’m looking to buy some device to run it on.
I have been looking mostly at laptops (i would buy something like a lenovo thinkpad T480 and add extra RAM; now i dont own any laptop capable of running Qubes), but for some time now i am thinking about switching to a mini pc. I spend most of my time typing so i use a external keyboard, plus i also use external monitors. A mini pc would be better suited for my needs, and it’s obviously easier and cheaper to upgrade and change.

I have seen the Librem mini 2 and a mini from nitro suposedly work with Qubes. The intent of my post is to see what people think about this kind of solution and if there are cheaper pc’s in this category, and even better if they are easily available in Europe.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @frnvpr ,

Welcome to the Qubes OS community.

I’m using a mini PC, but not the cheaper one : Intel NUC10i7FNK, RAM 32GB, SSD 256GB. This NUC do the job for all my Qubes OS usages and is easily available everywhere in the world.

Also see the Qubes OS Hardware Compatbility List (hcl).

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Thank you Ludovic,

indeed in my country that NUC is avaiable, as a barebone.
Thanks for the suggestion, i would consider it.