Migration method

Have 4.1 on 250GB SSD, want to migrate it all to a 2TB NVME.
What is the best way to do this without breaking anything ?
(Will I require a 3rd drive to complete this 250GB → temp → 2TB NVME ?)

The best option would be to backup all Qubes machines to an external hard drive, then install 4.2 “cleanly” and restore the backup :slight_smile:

Remember to switch all AppVMs to a fedora-38 template from fedora-37 or debian 12 from debian11 at the end.

Qubes OS 4.2 hasn’t been released yet, there are still some blocker issues but I guess in a few weeks it should be out.

You’re right, my mistake. Version 4.2 is not out of the testing phase yet, which means that the best option would be to install 4.1 on a production environment.

On the other hand, there is already a tool to migrate from qubes 4.1 to qubes 4.2-rc3: How to upgrade to Qubes 4.2 | Qubes OS.

However, keep in mind these issues: