Mic not working

qvm-device mic not working on appvm i have installed necessary audiopulse qubes but still it’s not working. The device gets attached to the appvm successfully but mic is not detecting sound.

Any idea how to solve this issue? Did the following but still no mic

qvm-run --pass-io -u root tpl-deb-11-signal “apt install pulseaudio-qubes”
qvm-device mic attach personal-signal dom0:mic

Does it work with other qubes?
Stupid question, but did you try to change the microphne volume of VMs in the PulseAudio Volume Control?

Does it work with other qubes?
No, Just checked with default debain 11 appvm it isn’t working.

I remember setting it up to work before maybe after upgrade it’s not working.

Update 1: It’s working now, I changed the playback to on : alsa_output.pci-0000_0c_00.4.analog-stereo
in pulse audio manager - sample cache