Menu Sub-Menu system

Looking for what the key is for making the VMs into a sub-menu system if there is such a thing?
I’m looking for the symbol to add into the virtual Name that will be filtered out in the directory creation and replaced, but in the menu system have it as a sub menu.
So if I created (for example) a virtual called
Visual=Virtual_GWPrime and Visual=Virtual_WS
Then another one that was
Terminal=Server_1 and Terminal=Server_2

It would in the menu navigation be
AM := ApplicaitonMenu
V := Visual
T := Terminal

| |-Virtual_GWPrime
| |-Virtual_WS
| |-Server_1
| |-Server_2

Is anything like this available by default by using some symbol in the creation of the virtual or else the title?

There is no such thing as far as I know.

You’ll find a number of threads about creating a custom application menu, the gist is: that’s not a Qubes OS-specific task, and as such you can use the documentation or tutorials available for the desktop environment that you use.

Some of those threads also contain advice on how to organize the menu, though you seem to have a clear idea of what you want. I only mention it for the same of completeness.

For example, the following post contains links to the official docs about customizing the XFCE application menu (XFCE is the default desktop environment in Qubes OS):

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Hi Gonzalo,

Oh dang, that is unfortunate.

Yeah, but it should be easy enough to do. And Qubes could have it easily added in by someone that knows the code. I’ve looked at the code in the past, and it’s just a complete mess in there.

Organisation of it isn’t the problem.
I mean I have to scroll down about 90 items just to get to some of them.
If they were in submenus then I would only have to go down 10, then into the submenu of 5 machines, then into the submenu of 1 and click what I want.
That is my issue.
The system doesn’t even have a menu system that copies over from the template when you have it set, so that I know is an issue.
I set the menu to have certain applications for the template, and when I create an AppVM it suddenly goes back to having programs that don’t exist any more.
So I know they need to update it, jsut saying that they should add in this stuff too.

I do remember that a while ago they looked at redesigning the manager, and they were going to.
then they just never did. They even released screenshots of it and it looked great! They put so much work into it, then scrapped it.

I was going to make my own that used about 10% of the resources of the default one, but I never got the time.

There are many things that have been going to happen to Qubes that never did, even though they were 80 or 90% done…
I’ve been using since I heard about it at 1.0.0 release.


You havent said what version of Qubes you are running.
There is an improved Qubes menu available, which you might like to try.
KDE has a functional GUI tool that enables you to fully customise the
KDE menu system.