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Hello guys, I am a long time lurker of the forum. I am looking for someone that can help me out, I have $$ but not much of knowledge or time to study. I need someone who can help me navigate qubes preferrably on matrix or xmpp.

My beautiful installation of qubes 4.2 with detached header recently got broken by an update and I need help to recover it, I also would like to setup fully ephemeral dispvms implementation of @anywaydense but my new laptop does not work with it for some reason.


I need an advanced configuration of Qubes but I do not have time to learn everything. I am willing to pay for live help.

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Is this post live? I do not see it in User support.

Yes it’s visible for all.

I’d help but right now all Qubes-time I have goes to configuring my own system and in the winter I have a huge project that will take all my time, so…sorry; maybe next spring if you still haven’t found someone by then.

Thanks anyway for confirming.

I don’t mean to be rude or anything, but if you want an advanced setup without knowing anything about it or how it works, then you will run into problems like you did. Giving people money won’t change anything and you will make mistakes that will lead you to the same situation. Take the time to learn how Qubes works, read the documentation, and do some research if you need to do something but don’t know how.

Thanks a lot you are very right. I wish you to get to the point were you have much more money then time, so you will understand my situation. :slight_smile: