Measures that can be taken when hackers persistently target QubesOS

Someone close to me experiences infrequent, but strong paranoid delelusions, and they also become confident social media content not directed at them surreptitiously taunts them or drops them hints that they are being surveiled. They also connected standard software issues with this surveillance. The delusion, left untreated, can balloon into feeling under threat by their family, community, peers, or the government.


Thank you. I am also now seeing a psychologist once a week. I also take a few medications. I wish it was just once or twice, but I’ve been made to watch the “reaction within 10 minutes” hundreds of times, so I tend to believe that I’m really being monitored. There may be some paranoia, though,

In the past, I even tried PuppyLinux or BodhiLinux on a router with a global IP address connection, but when I connected, I got an error message after about 5 minutes, and within 10 minutes of that, I also got a post to the effect of “It’s tough being a weak guy…”. 10 years That was almost 10 years ago…

But maybe that too is just an assumption based on my paranoia. I would like to continue with the security measures and be able to use whoenix and Windows AppVM, but I also need psychological support. I am grateful for the psychological counselor.


Thank you. I can rest assured that it is unlikely to happen in reality. I will continue to work on the whoenix/WPA3 compatible router/new USB stick/VPN, etc. My health has not been so good lately, so I’m taking a break, but I’ll keep working on it.

I think the security team is a shady group of IT people who are blamed for missing alerts and allowing attacks, even though they never come out into the public eye when they create something. I think they are the ones who are blamed for missing the alerts and allowing the attack to happen."

This was written around the third day after QubesOS was installed. I reacted to this, “forgive the attack, poor people,” but maybe I care too much about this too. In any case, I will do what I can to contain their means of surveillance, which may be virtual, but I will also make sure I am in good physical shape. Thank you.

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It is what we call in Japan, a group stalker, a technology crime. For them it is a reality and I would like to respect it, but they seem to be needlessly suspicious and stressed because of their lack of IT-related knowledge. I slightly agree, but I also understand their feelings.

> BodhiLinux
> error message

sounds about right

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