Many windows when allowing USB Keyboard in dom0

here my setup:

I automatically assign my mouse to dom0 (which works fine), and I want to have the system ask whether I want to assign the USB keyboard to dom0. Therefore, “qubes.InputKeyboard” looks as follows:

$ cat qubes.InputKeyboard
sys-usb dom0 ask,user=root,default_target=dom0
$anyvm $anyvm deny

Expected behaviour:
When I log on, I see one window that asks if I want to attach the keyboard to dom0, and when I click “Ok”, the keyboard works.

Current behaviour:
I get eight windows that all ask me if I want to assign the keyboard. Seven of them seem not to do anything, and one out of the eight actually works as desired and attach the keyboard.

I am not sure what triggers the seven other windows. Maybe it asks for all USB devices that I have attached as it cannot identify what is a keyboard and what is not-a-keyboard device?

Any idea how to solve this?


I remember having this issue before - I think this is related to the actual keyboard device. Different keyboards pop different number of windows.

Plugging mouse does not have this window, and plugging the keyboard pops out several windows, so I do not think that Qubes OS have mistaken the mouse as keyboard.