Manually setting "remove on shutdown" for custom disposables?

I created some Windows XP VMs and was able to manually create a disposable VM out of a template. I had to do this via a bash script since either I’m a noob, or Qubes just doesn’t play nice with Windows XP.

Anyways, I’m looking for the option to delete the VM when it’s shutdown, just like how other disposable VMs operate. How do I do this?

Quick edit: I made a TemplateVM (XP), an AppVM (XP-dvm), and I manually create the disposable (xp-disposable) with qvm-create --disp --template=XP-dvm --prop=netvm="" --prop=include_in_backups=FALSE xp-disposable

Add --prop=auto_cleanup=True

It will also make include_in_backups default to False.