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I wonder if my email is blocked or not in mailing list

Subject: Re: [qubes-users] Disposable sys-net >> wifi login
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let me tell the stories,

  • Around May i’ve send an blank email to subscribe the qubes_user mailing list and until some days ago i still didn’t receive any email so I resend subcribe email to mailing list and I’m suprised that there’s an confirmation email, I suggest that we should update the documentation, because first time when i send subscribe email i don’t receive any of them.

  • Today i’ve reply a [qubes-users] Disposable sys-net >> wifi login thread, but i didn’t see any update in mailing list. I use clearnet and onion smtp to send the email (I send it twices), i can confirm that the smtp server is not blocked by google because i’ve test forwarded previous email to google mail.

  • I’ve test by sending a hello thread in qubes_user mailing list few days ago, it’s delivered as we can see. I wonder if this my mail server problem or do @adw have any ideas ?

Thank you.

Hi. I think I saw an email from you that made it through to qubes-users, but all it said was your email address. It looked like spam, so I deleted that message and rejected one additional message from you that also looked like spam, but I didn’t block or ban you or anything.

The reason i send an email address is because:

To post a message to the list, address your email to `` .

I wonder which one, is that my message today?

So i think it maybe my mail server issue, I’ll try again later.

That just means to put in the To: field of your email when you send it. It doesn’t mean to literally send your own email address in the subject or body of the email. :slightly_smiling_face:

Instead, the subject and body of your email should contain some normal, sensible content, such as a question you want to ask, an explanation of a problem you’re having, etc.

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