Mac Address tweak no longer apply in 4.2?

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Screenshot of text that reads,

“The Tails virtual machine does not modify the behaviour of the host operating system and the network traffic of the host is not anonymized. The MAC address of the computer is not modified by the MAC address anonymization feature of Tails when run in a virtual machine.”


Is manually altering the Mac Address spoofing no longer applicable since 4.1 Qubes onward, when on a WiFi connection — even when choosing to use Tails OS instead of Whonix?

FWIW I wrote a long guide explaining tracking done using MAC addresses and possible mitigation

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on Qubes OS the virtual machine has direct access to the network interface, so it can change its MAC.

The MAC doesn’t leak if it’s not attached to the physical network interface, so we don’t care (on Qubes OS) if Tails can’t randomize it.