Lose PS/2 Keyboard Access At LUKS Login

I found one of my Dad’s old ps/2 IBM keyboards laying around and figured it would solve my perpetual frustration with setting up a usb keyboard.

Prior to this, I had to modify the grub config file to not autostart any of the sys VMs and allow usb devices (at least I think that’s what the “authorized_usbcore” line is about).

I rebooted and confirmed that the ps/2 keyboard still worked. So I returned the grub config to it’s original state, rebooted again, and now the keyboard is no longer responsive upon reaching the LUKS login screen.

Did I miss a something? I thought the point of using the ps/2 keyboard was to avoid this problem?

Running 4.1 btw.

EDIT: You know what, current installation is fairly new and I haven’t invested enough time in it to not just reinstall with the ps/2. So nevermind.

Turns out I’m still having this problem. I reinstalled using the ps/2 keybard, but I’m still losing keyboard access at LUKS login unless I alter the kernel parameters to remove the qubes.rd_hide.all.usb option.