Looking to hire script writer to pimp my Qubes OS

Hey, I am trying to design a system that does an unattended install of Qubes OS and then runs Ansible playbooks on the various template VMs. I am also trying to figure out how to automatically add HVMs using VirtualBox boxes stored on VagrantUp.com so I can run Packer-built images as HVMs.

I have had trouble finding people who are interested in developing Qubes stuff so I figured I would post here in case there’s anyone that already knows how to do this stuff or is already using Qubes and wants some incentive to do stuff that would benefit them as well.

Let me know if you are interested and how I can contact you.


I’m not interested, but I’ll share here some relevant links:

You’re probably looking for this:

By default Qubes comes with saltstack:

But ansible is also possible

You’ll want to read this

Converting VirtualBox VMs to Qubes HVMs

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Thanks for the response. I wanted to use VagrantUp.com as the source of the VM images but I’m unsure how I can convert the VirtualBox .box file to the .ova file that Qubes expects. This would open up a world of possibilities if we could use images from VagrantUp.

Shouldn’t we have a an automated procedure (both gui and cli) for that? :slight_smile:

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Hey @arkenoi – I don’t mind making the CLI (or the GUI) but I’m still unsure how to get the .ova file.

Also, I can make the GUI with Electron but I still have not heard whether or not including Node.js is ok. IMO, it should power everything on the GUI so that people can style Qubes. Also, it might open the door for a future where the system menus can run in the browser :>.

There are these two projects:

I’m not a gui person.
There’s a simple script here which will take a downloaded box and try to
create the standalone.
Works for me.

Sweet… thanks! That’ll be useful. I’m interested in building out a simple UI prototype… do you know who can enlighten me on the best way of making a tray menu? I’d like to use Electron but I’m open to anything really.

This would open up a world of possibilities if we could use images from VagrantUp.

Read the posts above. Looks like the gentleman uploaded code to GitHub that can do exactly that.

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