Long term future of Xen and Qubes

When I finally got around to start using Qubes a couple of years ago I found some threads discussing the future of Xen, maybe not here but perhaps floating around on the internet.

In general doom never plays out, at least not as forecasted, but I just wonder if there is any update on this?

I find Qubes totally ideal for my usage and would like to do my work using it for a decade or preferably more :slight_smile:

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I hope qubes and Xen live forever, this is the only project that makes me want to learn more and more

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Qubes OS is not just Xen. It should survive, even if something happens to Xen. See this:

Same here! All the way from BASIC through to CP/M, DOS and then Linux and OSX its the only time I’ve felt fully at home in an OS!

It gives me the opportunity to break apart & sort all my online activity in a meaningful way, turning the complexity of everything these days into helpful tools instead of being the tool :wink:

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Thanks a lot!

And yeah it will survive with a growing community, especially since the need is rising with what is going on globally

I can confirm this. I installed qubes around 2017 and it pushed me to learn so much about computer systems, no other project could’ve done that.



I got started using VMWare around 2000 and used that to “tame” the pile of dogshit that Win98 was, had data on a separate drive and just refreshed the whole install once or even twice a day while working with Pagemaker & Photoshop :slight_smile:

Since then I’ve been testing out most variants of VM setups, and had several in production, but so far Qubes is the only way of doing this (for my needs) that feels just right!

I would guess its a mix of being able to see and use any number of applications and VMs in one screen that makes it useful enough to dive deep into & solve any hickups whereas with Virtualbox I’d just be onto the next distro if something doesn’t work and then implement what works there on a VPS or such.

For some reason my Windows Qubes die after a while so I have to reinstall, maybe that was happening when my previous laptop ran out of battery power or such. Will get around to taming Windows fully soon.

As a sidenote to that I’ve depended on Windows maybe at max a year in total since I got into computing in 84 or so :wink: With Qubes I can use that horrible contraption for occasional things & then just wipe the slate, now that is perfection!

arent they adding wayland support in 4.2?
i feel that’s going to be a major improvement

Looks great, checking Wayland out now!