Location for software on Template for AppVM Access

I’m in a bit of a quandry of how to install some software on a Template so that it will be available on an AppVM based on that template.

In general, I can do this. However, I downloaded a .run file for the Tresorit cloud app (only method of Linux installation for this program–there are no flatpaks or snaps) to the Template. I then executed $ sh tresorit_installer.run and it installed at /home/username/.local/share/tresorit/. The issue is that the program is not be available there on the AppVM because of where the files are.

Alternatively I could install as root and direct the output to be at /usr/bin and it would be available, but I’m warned that I should not install as root.

The files in the /home/username/.local/share/tresorit/ directory are as follows:

DaemonDumps Reports prefill tresorit-daemon tresorit.png
LICENSES.txt Temp running.pid tresorit-daemon.lock uninstall.sh
Logs fonts tresorit tresorit-daemon.sock
Profiles libTresorit.so tresorit-cli tresorit.config

The “tresorit”, “tresorit-cli” and “tresorit-daemon” files are all executible. All others are not.

So I’m looking for advice. One thought I have (but I don’t have enough Linux experience) is to move the executables to /usr/bin in the Template using sudo mv. Would I take the rest of the files at /home/username/.local/share/ and place them at /usr/lib?

Any other thoughts are much appreciated!

I ended up solving this problem. Tresorit demands that the app be installed somewhere where the normal (non-root) user can write. That meant that the inherited root directories from the Template would never work.

So I ended up using the AppVM to download the tresorit.run file and I installed it in its default location ($HOME/.local/bin). The dom0 can see the app and I can install it from the Q file/app navigation start point.

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Did you try bind-dirs? It usually helps, though it is noted there for advanced users

Thank you @enmus . I appreciate you letting me know about that. It may well be useful in the near future. I’m learning so much.