Local Network qubes.local domain like raspberrypi.local


Thank you for reading! I plan to publish my setup once it works to help others.

I want to use the keyboard and mouse on my Qubes machine to control other machines in my lab.
I set up Barrier and got everything working, and it was really nice!
Everything works!

Then my router gave my Qubes machine a different IP (192.168.0.XX) and now my hardcoded scripts need to be adapted.
Instead of using a numeric IP, I want to use a .local domain so I don’t need to update my scripts again. I have my raspi on raspberrypi.local using avahi, so I know it’s possible.

I tried installing / starting / restarting avahi-daemon.service in sys-net, but I know I’m missing a piece of the puzzle. What else must I do? Please help :slight_smile:

Has anyone ever got a qubes machine on the local network with an address like qubes-machine.local?

Thank you!