Llvmpipe in dom0 instead of GPU

Hello, sorry if my question is dumb, but from my understanding it is not possible to passthrough gpu to a qube when using a single gpu because dom0 would share vram with the qube and that brings security concerns because a compromised qube could monitor dom0 and get sensitive information. So I want to ask if it would be possible to have dom0 use llvmpipe (cpu rendering) instead of the gpu, and if using that i could pass a gpu to a qube because dom0 display information would be in regular ram instead. If it is possible how do I do it?


Don’t know, probably yes (without modifying the source code, probably not ^^).

Let’s assume you can use llvmipe.
Not sure if you could use the integrated GPU of the cpu ship.
I would even say you can’t for security reason, as they are tied on the same chip.

If you have a CPU (without integrated GPU ???), if llvmpipe do work,
you could probably pass your external GPU to a qube …

Yes, a lot of probably. :slight_smile:

@unman ?