Livestream, video recording, OBS super laggy

Guys, I try to get my head around video recording on OBS and similar software. I noticed that when I just put on of the each video, and audio stream, I end up with very laggy video, that can’t be used for anything. Even sound totally out of sync no matters because video is that bad. I tried HVM, giving VM plenty of RAM and CPU, nothing helped. I haven’t tried Standalone yet, but I guess that wouldn’t change anything, but I might be wrong.

Is there a way to do live streaming, video recording on Qubes, without suffering that massive performance issues?

Just for the clarity, I don’t mean editing videos but just recording.

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As you won’t have hardware accelerated encoding while recording because this would require direct access to the GPU, I would suggest to try a faster encoding presets for your video codec, it may work better.

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If you have dGPU, then you could passthrought it to a standalone Win11 Tiny ISO. Smooth as possible.

I wouldn’t use any M$ products if not totally necessary, but I like the idea of another gpu. Is it like if we have just one no matter if it’s integrated or nvidia or whatever, it’s taken by dom0 so we can’t use it in other VM, we have to have separate one?