Listing invalid PCI devices assigned to a qube

When I run qvm-pci, I get assignments of all existing PCI devices to qubes. However, there can be some devices that no longer exist, and hey aren’t listed there, which is a potential source of future surprise. Is there any way to list them?

Yes, qvm-pci ls vmname

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I didn’t mean a specific qube, I want to see all leftovers in the system. Anyway, you helped me to find the solution:

qvm-ls --raw-data --fields NAME | xargs qvm-pci ls

Plus we can filter unknown devices:

qvm-ls --raw-data --fields NAME | xargs qvm-pci ls | grep Unknown

qvm-pci ls --all ?

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That’s even better:

  • All valid assigned devices are listed
  • All invalid assigned devices are listed
  • Unassigned devices are skipped