Libxenlight failed to create sys-net

I had my Qubes without internet for two weeks. It was the message “libxenlight failed to create sys-net”.
I tried everything, without effect. I did not found any solution on the internet. And I remember many questions about it, here.

Finally I created the sys-usb, which I haven’ t, and it started to work, using the usb wifi. But it didn’t last long.

So I decided to delete sys-net and create another one with the command “sudo qubesctl state.sls qvm.sys-net”. And everything returned to normal !!! I am sure it was a error in my old sys-net, but I didin’t find it.

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Usually there’s a popup which tells you to take a deeper look into a specific logfile like /var/log/libxl/libxl-driver.log or /var/log/libxl/sys-net.log

Maybe it is my fault, but I did not saw anything useful.
This solution I proposed (deleting and creating a new sys-net) is simple and fast.