LibreOffice is crash prone

I lost count of how many times it crashed in an irrevocable way forcing me to create a new AppVM. In the last crash the desktop logged out all of a sudden, the log in screen appeared, then all the windows were in the 1st desktop, while the LibreOffice document was gone, and any new AppVM failed to start until a restart.

I used LibreOffice in both Debian-based and Fedora-based Qubes. I haven’t faced such problems. I find LibreOffice stable. If you share more information on Qubes OS version, templates used, software installed (LibreOffice add-ons?), more context, more help could be provided.

I used both recent and older Fedora and Debian versions.
Qubes R4.1

Hi @MitchJ
Apparently since I replied in February 6, my use of LibreOffice became catastrophic. It’s crashing on average once ever 20 times of use. That’s a lot when I use LibreOffice all day long. I’ve lost some data. Sometimes, my whole VM/Qube freezes and I need to shutdown the VM. Several times today, LibreOffice crashed the VM when I copied a text from a PDF to LibreOffice. I had to restart the VM. I don’t know what to do to fix this.

I wonder if we should switch to OnlyOffice. Does anyone have experience with OnlyOffice on Qubes? And experience with installing OnlyOffice in a Template and getting it to update automatically?

How much RAM do you give to the qube? Try to increase it. It doesn’t crash much for me with 5 GB.

I have 8 GB of RAM in my work Qube. And just now, after a copy-paste into LibreOffice Writer, the work Qube crashed.