LibreOffice is crash prone

I lost count of how many times it crashed in an irrevocable way forcing me to create a new AppVM. In the last crash the desktop logged out all of a sudden, the log in screen appeared, then all the windows were in the 1st desktop, while the LibreOffice document was gone, and any new AppVM failed to start until a restart.

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I used LibreOffice in both Debian-based and Fedora-based Qubes. I haven’t faced such problems. I find LibreOffice stable. If you share more information on Qubes OS version, templates used, software installed (LibreOffice add-ons?), more context, more help could be provided.

I used both recent and older Fedora and Debian versions.
Qubes R4.1

Hi @MitchJ
Apparently since I replied in February 6, my use of LibreOffice became catastrophic. It’s crashing on average once ever 20 times of use. That’s a lot when I use LibreOffice all day long. I’ve lost some data. Sometimes, my whole VM/Qube freezes and I need to shutdown the VM. Several times today, LibreOffice crashed the VM when I copied a text from a PDF to LibreOffice. I had to restart the VM. I don’t know what to do to fix this.

I wonder if we should switch to OnlyOffice. Does anyone have experience with OnlyOffice on Qubes? And experience with installing OnlyOffice in a Template and getting it to update automatically?

How much RAM do you give to the qube? Try to increase it. It doesn’t crash much for me with 5 GB.

I have 8 GB of RAM in my work Qube. And just now, after a copy-paste into LibreOffice Writer, the work Qube crashed.

Same problem, I have an appVM (fedora 36) dedicated to some large libreoffice files and it crashes very often. I give 8 of RAM to that appVM and the only modification from the standard libreoffice was adding an extra dictionary.
To avoid loosing data, I just save the document very often and also enable auto-save. Sometimes, libreoffice is able to automatically recover data from the last crash. In the future I will make a brand new appVM, re-install libreoffice, and see if there is any improvement.

Honestly, I don’t know if this is qubes or libreoffice problem, because I have seen several complains about libreoffice crashing on other OS in other forums.

It’s quite simple to tell - just keep on editing the file but with different office suites.
If you’re willing to share such a big file (and redact what’s necessary), I can help with testing it out on Microsoft Office.

Did anyone have any luck resolving LibreOffice crashes? All four people I know who use Qubes experience the same problem. LibreOffice (in Debian 11 appVMs, LibreOffice will cause the entire qube to freeze, and the only thing to be done is to restart it. This seems to often happen during saving. I’ve given the qube 10,000mb of max memory and it’s still happening.

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For me, the only function stock/base installed templates serve is to take up space.

I distinctly remember having similar issues with LibreOffice (very frustrating) until I switched my default template to minimal. Definitely recommend anyone with these issues to rebuild the LibreOffice guest template by cloning/creating based on a minimal template. YMMV.

That would match my experience; I use a minimal template and it doesn’t crash.

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I also experience same crashes as @behemothwerecat described with the full template.

No crashes with fedora-minimal.

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