Librem 14 Pureboot Patch

I have been informed that there is a Pureboot patch for all Librem 14 laptops. I simply do not know how to install this. Do I install this into doom0? Purism has not answered any of my inquiries.

Thank you.

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Maybe not the right place to ask but:

Easiest to boot PureOS live USB and run that utility

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The right place to ask is Purism forums:

Thank you for the reply. I contacted Purism and the referred me here.

The right place to ask is Purism forums:

Well, the question is Qubes OS specific: “Do I install this into dom0?”

@dallas87, @dom0, @hanabi, @MrChromebox: has any of you installed the Pureboot patch and is able to give @OhRight some simple instructions?

@OhRight: dom0 would be the logical place, but let’s see if any of the above users answers. They all reported having a Librem 14 (although not all of them have Pureboot).

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In short; updating PureBoot is done directly from PureBoot itself via .rom file.

Updating PureBoot Firmware

From time to time we release new PureBoot firmware. You can update PureBoot firmware directly from PureBoot itself! First, get the latest version of the PureBoot firmware for your hardware, either directly from firmware / releases · GitLab (be sure to get the correct image for your hardware and unzip it!) or by running our coreboot utility. In either case you will copy the .rom file to a USB disk, reboot into PureBoot, insert your USB disk and select Options → Flash/Update the BIOS → Flash the firmware with a new ROM, retain settings . Remember that whenever you update the firmware, you can expect to get an alert at the next boot to update your TOTP/HOTP secret.


What “patch” are we talking about here?

If it’s a Pureboot firmware update (which is not a patch), then the proper procedure is detailed in Purism’s documentation - you run the updater script, download the update, copy to USB, reboot, and apply the update from the Pureboot options menu (as @bungali already described).


Indeed, if it’s about the Coreboot/Pureboot firmware update, then there is a relevant thread about it here: How to update coreboot offline - Librem - Purism community.

Actually, I managed to flash it from dom0 since the early coreboot version didn’t have the update mechanism, therefore I’ve compiled a new flashrom (the package available in dom0 was too old) in a fedora dvm and copied it into dom0.
It worked perfectly.

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I updated exactly as @bungali is saying. Just copyied the file (unarchived) on an USB and updated on boot from the right menu

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I followed these instructions and was able to install the firmware update without incident.