LibICE not found but is installed?

Hey this is driving me a little nuts, im i Dom0 trying ti compile a program. And i keep getting an error libICE not found.

However if i try to install glibc which i believe is the Fedora equivilant…it tells me its already installed, so i am a bit confused lol…

Qubes 4.1
Dom0 - Fedora32
Program - recordmydesktop

Is it maybe looking in the wrong location, can i force it to check somewhere else… or is glibc not what i need after all??

libICE is a package separate from glibc:

Do you have it installed?

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Yes, so i have both libICE and libICE-devel just in case but still error :confused:

Never mind solved, i had 32bit devel for some reason installed libICE-devel 64bit all sorted :sleepy: … thanks for the comment wouldnt have rechecked them otherwise