Lenovo ThinkPad P1 Gen 5

In the original post I wrote that my laptop is able to wake up from S3 Linux mode, but only the first time. It is no longer the case: it reboots instead of resuming. I don’t know when it started to happen exactly, I installed many updates since then.

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Kernels later than 6.0.7 appear not to work

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@Emmaly What dock are you using with this laptop? I’ve read conflicting reports about Lenovo docking stations.

Please update this information for current kernels 6.4.7+. I think it can be fixed, but not sure. At least for me the kernel update made a difference.

Have you been able to get external display to work? I have p1 gen 5 but I built it so it has no discrete graphics and external display works fine but with yours I think it’s output pinned to the nvidia graphics

Success regarding installing 4.2.0-rc2 onto internal ssd of P1G5

Some notes:

  • Installed with latest kernel, regular install option did not work for me. ISO was copied via dd using fedora, onto a usb flash drive
  • followed wifi instructions above by @Emmaly to update the wifi firmware
  • Suspend works, BUT upon wake-up usb ports are disabled and not detected anymore (have not spent any time debugging this yet, will update this comment as I get more info)
  • Hibernate not supported GDBus.Error:org.freedesktop.login1.SlweepVerbNotSupported: Sleep verb "hibernate" not supported
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