Lenovo ThinkPad E14


R4.0.4 fails to start the installer (same black screen as referenced in Installation of Qubes on Thinkpad E14 Gen2 results in black screen)

So i moved onto Qubes-20210710-kernel-latest-x86_64.iso from qubes.notset.fr

I flashed to a USB with gnome-disks and booted it up (with secure boot disabled in bios, I also adjusted video memory to 512mb but i didn’t really do that for any particular reason)

I installed with Colemak english keyboard layout and encrypted disk.
I enabled sys-usb
I made sys-usb and sys-firewall disposable
I did not install debian but did install whonix

After setup on first login, no VMs would start. After rebooting VMs start fine

WiFI Networking, whonix disp vm, drives with sys-usb and the qubes update manager work fine.

Haven’t tested anything else yet


Qubes-HCL-LENOVO-20TA004JUS-20210715-223124.yml (901 Bytes)

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Try now :slight_smile:

I was able to install Android x86 into an HVM and it works well. This is something I and most users cannot do without patches on the current release.

@Sven since you’re on email you don’t see post updates. Here’s the HCL:

Thank you @sys-firewall for your HCL report, which is now part of this
pull request:

… and will be visible on the website soon.

I use the same machine, installed Qubes 4.1 Beta and updated to the latest kernel. Install is successful but I’m unable to resume from sleep. Can you confirm whether sleep and resume work for you?

My machine also failed to resume from suspend (via xfce menu)

Is there any other way to suspend in which your machine is able to resume? Mine wouldn’t resume also when suspending by closing the lid.

And can you please add it to your HCL?


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Hows the behaviour on resume? As described over here?

The behavior on resume from sleep is similar to what you described. It lets you unlock screen before restarting the computer.

Hi, just wanted to let everybody know that the sleep issue was resolved by upgrading the bios of Lenovo e14 Gen2 model.

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@titecet837 @sys-firewall Did installation of 4.1 work out of the box, or did you need to do any tweaking? How has your experience been so far with running Qubes on E14, is heat/fan noise ok?