Learning how to use the Linux command line: Where should I start with Qubes in mind?

Hello; totally new to Linux and want to use Qubes as my daily. I’d like some suggestions on websites, YouTubers, courses that aid getting on with Qubes using the Terminal.

Thank you

I’d think that most of that type of support is here, or we’ll have to produce these things actually…

If you’re new to Linux just getting it installed & working might be a major task, but if you have a separate machine to use then nothing is better than chipping at it while getting support here :slight_smile:

Once you get it to work you can then chose do keep learning almost anything within a Qube/VM or more, its a perfect way of getting used to the most common distros!

Hope you get started & hope I can help :slight_smile:

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HI @SlimGym, I’m happy you would like to use Qubes. If you want to be well prepared to it, I recommend to simply read as much documentation as possible, starting with the FAQ. Terminal is useful, but the main point of Qubes is compartmentalization, from which you can benefit even without a command line. If you really want to use terminal, the docs contain a lot of hints about it too.

There are not many videos, but see this: Qubes OS Videos Megathread.


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