Leaky VPN

some time ago I set up a vpn-vm (probably following this guide (https://github.com/tasket/Qubes-vpn-support)) which I use for my work. This only allows local IPs, which so far has not been a problem when developing. Only now and then I had to change the net-vm.
Now I have the problem that while I am in the VPN I also need internet access, because we increasingly use pair-programming. (e.g. intellij code-with-me).

How can I change the VPN so that this is possible? I have an openvpn configuration file.
Is this a problem belonging to Qubes or just a vpn problem?

Thanks in advance!

Doesn’t your vpn provider have a linux gui? That should make it easier to switch servers and setup a killswitch on the fly.

Or if you have two network cards, you can create two sys-net for each of them and have two distinct networks.

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