Launching Zoom flatpak from Application Pulldown

I’m brand new to Qubes and after reading over lots of documentation, I’m stuck on something. I want to install Zoom in its own cube. I created an AppCube based on Fedora34. I then launched the Zoom cube terminal and added the flathub remote repo to flatpak. That went without a hitch.

I then shut down the Zoom cube and restarted it. I selected the Software app under Zoom and I was able to find the Zoom app because I’d linked flathub above. I went ahead and installed it. It went fine. I could even launch it directly from the Software app.

However, I’d like a way of launching it directly from the Applications menu in the upper left-hand corner of the desktop rather than from the Software app. So after shutting down the Zoom qube all the way and restarting it, in the Qube Manager, I selected on the Zoom cube and went to Settings → Applications. Even after I “refreshed apps” the Zoom app doesn’t appear on the left-hand side from which to choose what’s available from the main menu.

Is there some way around this? Thanks very much, and I appreciate your help!

I guess you should start from here

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Thanks very much. I didn’t know about that page. I may have more serious problems but I’ll ask when I’ve sorted them out.