Latest Testing Update 26/02/21 crashes sys-net and vm's

Hey I installed the update like u can read in the topic at one of my pc. I know that to be carfeul with installing a testing update but no nothing is working anymore. None of my vm’s fedora-32 ,debian is starting and sys-net and sys-firewall ,too. I can run it with the latest kernel or with the latest “stable” qubes kernel" but don’t know how to fix that. If I do a fresh install then I have got the problem that I need the newest gui-agent-linux and some dependencies of that from the newest repo to get some of my vm’s like arch, binonic running again and not having a weird display. But if I try to install only these packages then it don’t find it. I don’t know what is the exact spelling of the packages I need, maybe If anybody can tell me this then I can install the packages. But best should be to get it fixed again in the testing repo. A fuĺl update with the testing features will be best for my system and I usually don’t wanna miss them. There was a update of the disp-mgmt , Qubes-Manager and some more in this last update, but I was bit surprised and maybe too fast ,but the last times there was not any problem like that I could not imagine that nothing is working after that:D Maybe it is a small fix, that my fed-32 vm’s sys-net and else are starting again. I am very thankful for any help :slight_smile:
Have a nice weekend and stay healthy!

I am trying myself the last hours and have the fix now.
There was an error message while updating that /etc/qubes/qmemman.conf created as /etc/qubes/qmemman.conf.rpmnew . I deleted the old file and renamed the new one to the standard file name, and now sys-net. sys-firewall and my fed vm’s are starting again. Lucky again. But strange is that my archlinux vm as that weird display with all the testing updates. Can u tell me what here exactly is the fix that it is working. At my other pc it is working but I don’t know why. Thaught that updating from testing repo will fix it. Maybe I need to reinstall the template?