Lagging Qubes

So, just managed to install QubesOS on my Asus Vivobook (X1504VA) with your help :smile:
However, like in the installation itself, the display and input is extremely laggy. I hoped it was an installer issue only, but it wasn’t…
Is there anything I can do to fix this?
I have Intel iRIS as my GPU, and 16GB RAM, if that’s relevant…

Try to install kernel-latest in dom0. Or reinstall Qubes OS using kernel-latest in installer grub menu.

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Could you try to use the latest kernel?

Laggy display can be 2 things:

  • There is no driver for your GPU yet, especially since dom0 has old mesa/kernel (that’s why I recommend using a newer kernel to try)
  • If you say that the content of Qubes windows is laggy, this is actually expected because there is no GPU acceleration

As for the input, is it the keyboard, mouse or both? Some people reported stuttering with touchpad, is it what you experience?

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Thank you both- it did help to install the latest kernel :slight_smile:

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