KVM to Qubes

is it possible to turn a kvm virtual machine into a qubes vm?

I have a qcow2 file and the xml, and would like to run it as a qubes standalone.

Not sure about the xml, but you should be able to convert the .qcow2 file to .raw with qemu-img and import it in dom0. Here’s a part of the documentation that explains the process for .vmdk files, skip to the qemu-img command and replace .vmdk with .qcow2.

Yes it is easy to do.

  1. Create the Qube.
  2. qvm-img convert /path/to/current/image.qcow2 root.raw
  3. Configure the Qube to have the required specifications and NetVM’s.

I did it in the past, even physical machines to virtual just using qemu-img once creating the virtual.

Doesn’t matter what the machine is, if it’s a drive, it will convert it.