Kloak usage or alternatives on Debian-based templates

As tittle, I am curious…interest on the anonymization of keystrokes, is Kloak can be use on debian-based template on qubes, with whether official or custom kernel? Or other suggestions and alternatives?

Here is the github page you can install it.

But according to a whonix forum post it is dysfunctional on qubes as of now.

Here is the issue. And it seems pretty dormant.

One has to implement this, marmarek said it isn’t a too complicated thing to do.

Until then:

  • Disable JS. This will totally avoid keystroke fingerprinting (to the best of my knowledge. If your life depends on this information being correct, resort to the next option as there might be other fancy pants options other than JS).

Should that not be possible because it breaks pretty much all modern (read: shitty and intrusive) webpages:

  • copy every text, written into a text editor in the sites. This solution is not perfect, neither is kloak. If tracked, this could be worse or better than kloak speaking of pure k-anonymity (i don’t know how big the kloak userbase is vs this traditional approach).


  • Step one: Figure out if they deploy this by looking at the JS. Step two: Publicly shame them for doing so, as they insist on deploying advanced tracking techniques against humans that are defending their human right to privacy by mitigating their cookies and fingerprinting attempts.

Thanks, btw the Alternatively lmao.